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Cirque-Tacular Entertainment
Spring-a-Ding DING!
Spring-a-Ding DING!
Brianna, the charming and curious girl who explored the magic of winter in the sell-out smash hit, Snowkus Pocus: Enchant the Spring, hops into a new 'adventure-through-the-seasons' in Spring-A-Ding DING! A fresh cast of characters create the vivid enchantment of springtime. Trick-ropping rabbits and leaping frogs, twirling flowers, dancing birds, glittering rain showers and even a contortionist earthworm bring the budding season to life! Portrayed through dazzling circus, dance, and can't-believe-your-eyes specialty acts, audiences of all ages will delight as the glory of the new season unfolds. Imagine Brianna's surprise as she meets comical creatures and even befriends a skunk! Our young heroine has lessons to learn and also to teach to the woodland creatures as she eagerly searches for the butterfly that will usher in the next season, summer. This delightful new show thrills young and old while warming hearts in the way only Cirque-tacular can!
Theater at the 14th St Y
344 East 14th Street
Between 1st and 2nd Avenues
New York NY 10003
(212) 579-0528